Frequently Asked Questions

No outside food or drinks permitted.
Armguards are optional for any activity at Archery District. To participate in shooting range or arena, you are advised to wear an arm guard for your safety (can be Archery District Arm Guard or bring in personal ones).
1. Select “Sessions” for regular bookings or “League” for league reservations. 2. If you have a voucher code, click “Promotion code” to enter it. 3. Select the number of participants under “Options”. Also pick the League season from the drop-down menu if making a league reservation. 4. Click “Pick Date” to see all available time slots and pick the day you would like to book. 5. Select a time slot and click “Book”. 6. Enter your personal information or sign in with Facebook. Click “Next” and “Checkout” to proceed. 7. Agree to the conditions and policies. Click “Pay now and confirm your booking!” 8. To pay with Paypal, click “Pay with my Paypal account” and follow the on-screen instructions. To pay with Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, click “Don’t have a Paypal account?”
To get the full experience of archery tag, we recommend no less than 6 people, which limits the amount of game modes you can play. To be able to try out all the game modes, a total of 10 people is recommended. For the best experience possible and get the most fun out of archery tag, we highly recommend coming with a group of 20 people or more.
Yes, our facilities are indoors. However, we do host mobile outdoor events during the summer.
The recommended age is 10 and up. Those ages 16 and under must be supervised by a parent/guardian. You must be 18 years of age to sign the waiver.
The draw weight is 25lb and the draw length is 29 inches.
The arrow flies at 90 FPS (a standard paint-ball goes 280 FPS).
You have 10 minutes for target practice and 50 minutes on the field. Each game can be 5-10 minutes long.
Athletic clothing and a clean pair of shoes.
For fairness and safety reasons, you are only allowed to use equipment provided by Archery District. However, you are welcome to use your own standard paint-ball mask with staff approval.
You will be under the surveillance of security cameras for your own safety.
If you would like to only play with your friends or have a private event, we suggest purchasing all available spots in a session.
Yes, all of our facilities have parking available.
Yes, we have lockers available for free use at our Toronto – Scarborough location. However, Archery District will not be responsible for any lost personal belongings.
Please click the “Pick Dates” button to book any time slot 4 months ahead.
All sales are final. No refunds can be granted for bookings.
We take walk-ins during all regular business hours but pleased be advised that all online bookings take priority and each store has its own business hours. Please refer to the “Contact” page for more information.
Each store has its own requirement to book the party room. Please refer to each individual store’s “Booking” page for more information. You may bring in your own food and drinks for party rooms.
Yes, we sell arm guards, t-shirts, and various merchandise. Please refer to the “Store” page for more information.
Cash, Credit card, and Paypal.
Yes, but Archery District will not be responsible for any damages to your personal devices.
Yes, all masks are cleaned with 90% rubbing alcohol after each session.